Microsoft Access is used to store the data and generate reports. This allows the user full control over the format of the report and the data to be displayed. The operator can also create his or her own custom reports and queries. Reports and raw data can be exported to other programs such Excel or Word. Readings can be entered into the database manually from other sources such as strip charts or printer tapes.

Standard reports can be generated for any time period from 1 minute to several years. Any report can be scheduled to print automatically each day without user intervention. The following reports are standard:

Daily - Displays each individual reading with a statistical summary for the reporting period.

Calibrations - Each automatic calibration is shown and evaluated for compliance. The report will display PASS if the calibration is acceptable, or FAIL if the calibration error is beyond the limits. The calibration procedure and reports are based on the requirements in CFR 40, Part 60, Appendix F.

Monitor Downtime - Displays each individual episode where the monitor was not collecting real data. Downtime is divided into the categories required by the governing agency. Downtime can also be entered manually if necessary.

Excess Emissions / Non-compliance - Displays each individual episode where the monitor recorded a condition beyond the limits of the operating permit. The reasons for excess emissions or non-compliance are divided into the categories required by the governing agency.

Plant Operation - Reports the period of plant operation and non-operation with explanations.

Graph - A line graph displaying up to 4 parameters is included. The user can also create other types of graphs.

Standard reporting intervals - 1, 5, 6, 15, and 30 minutes
                                        1, 3, 8, and 24 hours
                                        30-day, Annual
                                        Operator specified

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