Monitoring Software

      The monitoring program runs on an IBM compatible PC operating under Windows 95/98, 2000, XP or Windows NT 4.0. The program normally communicates with the datalogger through a direct RS232 connection, but many other options are available. The monitoring program does not have to be running for the datalogger to operate. The data collected from the datalogger are evaluated for validity and then transferred to a Microsoft Access database for permanent storage. The datalogger readings are also written to ASCII text files for use in other programs and for backup purposes. Data storage to Microsoft SQL Server is available on request.

The CEMQuest program performs the following basic functions:
   Retrieves and displays the current readings from the datalogger
   Collects the final storage data from the datalogger
   Automatically updates the real-time graph
   Activates alarms not programmed into the datalogger
   Allows the user to initiate manual calibrations
   Synchronizes the datalogger clock with the computer

Click on the link below to view a screen snapshot of the software.
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