The data managements systems offered by Inquest Environmental are based on the Campbell Scientific, Inc. line of dataloggers. Inquest integrates the base CPU into a complete datalogging system according the current and future requirements of each end-user. There are three standard configurations offered, Models CQ23, CQ10, and CQ510, each with varying degrees of capabilities. All of these systems come complete and pre-tested with CPU, power supply (w/battery backup), enclosure, output relays, terminal connections, and manufacturer's software. The CQ Series dataloggers operate independently of AC power, computers, and human intervention. Please refer to the specification sheet for further details.

Datalogger Program - The dataloggers are shipped from the factory with no program installed. Inquest uses its extensive software library and experience to program the datalogger to meet the requirements of each end-user. The customer can usually make changes to the program using the software provided, if necessary.

Data Storage - The dataloggers store the readings in non-volatile memory. The data can be retained from about 1 week to over 1 year, depending on the system configuration and reporting requirements. The oldest data are overwritten when the storage area fills up.

Calculations - The CQ Series dataloggers provide virtually unlimited calculation capability. Please let us know if you need a calculation or statistic is not shown in the following lists.

Standard calculations and statistics - average, maximum, minimum, total, lbs/hr, lbs/ton, O2/CO2 correction, logarithmic functions, vector average.

Standard calculation intervals - 1, 5, 6, 15, and 30 minutes                                            1, 3, 8, and 24 hours.

Calibrations - The CQ Series dataloggers can perform automatic calibration checks on a regularly scheduled basis. Instruments such as continuous emissions monitors, opacity monitors, and flow monitors require this check each day.

Alarms - Alarms can be activated using the outputs relays.


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